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Pharmazeutische Industrie

Pharmaceutical Industry

Joma is a reliable and experienced partner to the pharmaceutical industry. Our products and our entire organizational process meet the high standards and strict guidelines of the industry.

We take great care in selecting the raw materials used, and the production is carried out in a low-germ facility, following current guidelines. For legal stipulations our packages are certified in accordance with CE product standards, and are available as individual, sterile packages when necessary.

Our Securibox container system, with an extensive assortment of 21 sizes and a variety of volumes, is well suited to a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The plastic Securibox containers guarantee optimum protection for liquid, solid and powdered contents. 

The Securibox system can be extended with additional accessories, providing many possible applications for pharmaceutical needs. In addition, we offer a wide range of standard closures and a number of specialty products for the pharmaceutical industry.


Food Industry

Joma spice mills are among the best in the world and are used by leading food manufacturers for their spices and spice blends.

The worldwide success of our spice mills is due to their reliability and consistently high performance. This is made possible through our use of high-quality plastics and the continuing optimization of the grinding mechanism.

To complement the proven success of the grinders, we offer the elegant Joma Glass and our high-quality DuoFlapperCap spice shakers. With a sophisticated design, the DuoFlapperCap combines simplicity of use with the highest aroma and flavour protection.

Since the company began, one of Joma’s top priorities has been our range of closures, including screw caps with and without tamper protection, spouts, decorative caps, mayonnaise and ketchup dispensers and many more. We place great importance on simple, safe and consumer-friendly handling.

Our safe and versatile Securibox container system also offers a wide range of products for the food industry.

Chemotechnische Industrie

Chemical Industry

Packaging for chemical materials must be safe, resistant to chemical reactions and easy to use.

Our range of containers and closure systems are available in a wide variety of mouth diameters to allow for easy filling and smooth handling. 

As an established standard, the Securibox plastic container system – with 21 sizes – covers a wide range of applications for powders, granules, liquids or creams.

Our products are designed for universal use and can be customized for specific requirements with accessories such as pouring spouts, droppers, pump systems or induction sealing films.