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Qualität weltweit

Joma Kunststofftechnik – worldwide quality made in Austria

Where Qualitiy Begins

When we talk about quality, we speak of the demands placed on us and our production. But what does quality mean to us?

Quality shows in our products. It shows in the sophisticated design of the DuoFlapperCap, in the versatile and expandable Securibox system, in the full flavour development that makes our spice mills so successful.

But where does quality begin? In 65 years, we have learned one thing: quality is not the product alone. Quality must live. Quality comes from the dedication of our team, from the attention to detail and the tenacity of our engineers and technicians. Quality is putting our clients first and understanding their visions. Quality is in the partnership that we build with our clients.

To bring this kind of quality to life means one thing: Fulfilling the customer’s goals 100 percent.

Gesicherte Qualität

Assured Quality

As a provider of exacting products, we are obliged to comply with strict guidelines. In this way we guarantee the high standards, and ultimately the success, of our products for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our various certificates ensure the high standards we keep in all our processes. They show our commitment to comply strictly with hygienic regulations, to the careful selection of our raw materials and the traceability of our operations.

These certifications minimize risks and ensure the safety of a smooth and failsafe manufacturing production.

Gesicherte Qualität

Quality Worldwide

From Austria, we supply our target markets in more than 40 countries around the world.

Based on the consistently high standards we have achieved, we have been able to reach our current level of development and to strengthen our long-standing customer relationships. Last but not least our location is in Austria, where the country sets high standards in environmental and social affairs.

We are proud of our company and its employees, who combine the compelling needs and visions of our customers with our team spirit: Challenging applications require sophisticated products.



Following the “Good Manufacturing Practices” guidelines of the WHO allows us to guarantee the highest quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry throughout the entire value chain.

ISO 15378:2012
ISO 15378:2006

Our low-germ production is in accordance with approved pharmaceutical guidelines
(ISO 15378, primary packaging
for medicine).

ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001:2008

Our quality management has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996.


Through a permanent HACCP-compliant monitoring program, Joma’s production meets the highest hygiene standards.