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  • Securibox
    Securibox: 21 sizes from 17ml to 1.8l

    Our tamper evident ring allows for an easy and clean tearing action and guarantees the safe protection of your contents.

  • Securibox
    Impermeable to liquid

    Joma Securiboxes offer safe protection for non-creeping media.

  • Securibox
    Additional equipment

    The Joma Securibox can be equipped with additional accessories, such as dispenser systems, dosing and spray pumps or brush caps.

  • Securibox
    Easy handling

    The tamper evident ring of the Securibox is easy to handle. It guarantees the safe protection of your contents.

  • Securibox

    The Joma Securibox is suitable for tablets, capsules, powders, creams and liquids.

  • Securibox
    Highest hygiene standards

    Our Securiboxes are produced in a low-germ, fully climate-controlled manufacturing facility, ISO 7 class clean room, under certified pharmaceutical guidelines, DIN 15378.


For decades, the Securibox plastic container system has been the established standard for a wide variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

With 21 sizes, Joma’s Securibox is a universal and flexible container system. 

The Securibox represents top hygiene standards and is rigorously tested according to pharmaceutical industry guidelines for ISO 15378:2207 in a low-germ, fully climate-controlled clean room ISO 7 production facility.

The versatile Securibox plastic container system is well suited for use as primary packaging, being available in 21 sizes for volumes from 17ml to 1.8 l. The system can be expanded with numerous special accessories for the specific applications and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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The Joma Securibox®, made from renewable resources

The complete Securibox® range is also available in our new Joma Nature® program.

Our new Joma Nature® product range is produced exclusively from pure plant-based, renewable resources – sustainable and nearly CO2-conscious. For our environment, we aim to protect our natural surroundings and secure a livable world for our children.

More about Joma Nature®

Perfect Functionality

Umfassendes System
Comprehensive System

Containers made of PE and PP from 17ml to 1.8 l, expandable through a wide range of accessories

Hygiene Standards

Production in a low-germ area under certified pharmaceutical guidelines (DIN 15378, primary packaging for pharmaceuticals)


Suitable for tablets, capsules, powders, creams, etc.

Sicher verschlossen
Secure Closure

Snap-on closure system and tamper evidence

Sicher geschützt
Secure Protection

High stability, shatter-proof and UV-protection

Impermeable to Liquid

For non-creeping media

Einfache Handhabung
Easy Handling

Tamper evidence ring with easy and clean
tear action

Einfache Abfüllung
Easy Filling

Wide mouth for fast and easy filling

Complimentary Products

Pharmaceutical Products

Measuring cup 14–110ml

Measuring spoon 0,05–85ml

Ear dropper with cannula



Induction Foil

Sealing protection

The Securibox can be sealed with induction foil for additional protection of its contents.

Design nach Kundenwunsch

Customized Design

Our standard range can be adapted to specific client needs with unique lid shapes and customer logos.



For your convenience, we can label your containers using our labelling machines.


Additional Equipment


For the large Securiboxes from 300ml to 1,8l we offer dispenser systems with or without follower plates.

Dosing and spray pumps

Brush lids