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    The new Joma Pill Dispenser

    Elaborate, simple and safe.

  • pillsdispenser
    Squeeze ’n’ Twist!

    Easy and accurate dispensing.
    Hygienic, very simple opening and childproof!

  • pillsdispenser
    All in one …

    The versatility of the Joma Pill Dispenser product family offers the right solution for all areas of application.

  • pillsdispenser
    Simple and safe

    We place great importance on the fact that it is particularly easy to integrate our primary packaging into the production processes. The dispenser, consisting of 3 separate parts, is assembled in our production line to make a compact, closable container.

  • pillsdispenser
    Customizable colors and branded

    Individualize your Joma Pill Dispenser!

  • pillsdispenser
    Simply Unique

    High recognition factor and high protection against forgery

Pill Dispenser

Elaborate, simple and safe – our new pills dispenser with its hygienic, single, contact free dosage, integrated child safety lock with double tamper protection!

We are fully aware that our customers and end-users have strict requirements for a modern packaging. In developing the Joma Pill Dispenser, we have put everything not only to meet these increasing demands, but to exceed them.

Whether “pocket size” or in bulk packs, the versatility of the Joma Pill Dispenser product family offers the right solution for all imaginable requirements and areas of application.

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Revolutionary cover flap

The pills dispenser not only provides protection but serves as a collection container as well.

Reliable child-proof lock

The tablet dispenser top can only be
opened by pressing and screwing the marked surfaces on both sides simultaneously.

Easy filling

Our versatile “Securibox®” packaging allows an automatic and hence quick and easy filling.

Accurate dispensing

The tablets are dispensed – one by one. Hygienic and without touching the content

Double tamper protection

The double tamper protection secures the cover flap to the dispenser and the dispenser
to the Securibox®. The customer is thus guaranteed the first opening.