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    Comprehensive equipment

    We offer numerous additions to our standard range for special applications.

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    Pharmaceutical Products

    Measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, ear and eye droppers, application devices, poring spouts – our range meets a wide range of needs, particularly in the pharmaceutical industries.

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    Glas and PET containers for the food instuistries.

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    Furniture castor

    An absolute insider tip – our furniture castor in 7 sizes, with or spring element.

  • Verschlüsse
    Pharmaceutical Products

    We can offer high class additional products won request.

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    Bottles and Containers

    Available in different sizes and styles for all common threads.

Complementary Products

Joma’s standard product range comprehensively meets the needs of primary packaging for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our individual product developments serve the exclusive needs of our customers.

For requirements that go beyond our own production expertise, we can provide numerous accessories and complementary products from well-known manufacturers on request.

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Dispenser systems for various applications

(aerosol, lotions, spray pumps) for industry, medical applications and home use

Various tubing lengths and screw caps available

(GL 18 to 28/410)


Spray Guns

Universal spray guns

with consistent spray pattern through “precompression” technology for spray and foam use; also available with child-proof Lock-Cap closure

Available without metal parts, especially for corrosive materials

Threaded versions 28/400, 28/410, DIN 28

Flaschen und Behälter

Bottles and Containers

Blow-moulded bottles

in various sizes (10 ml to 5 l) and all common threads

Radiation sterilized

in standard materials HDPE and LPDE

Buckets from 0.55 l to 33 l

available in round, oval and rectangular formats

Available with in-mould labelling and letterset printing


Aluminium Screw Caps

Caps in various sizes

(PP 17 to PP 31.5), with or without spouts

For liquid and gas tight bottling, hot or cold filling

Custom printing possible


Pharmaceutical Products

Measuring cup 14–110ml

Measuring spoon 0,05–85ml

Ear dropper with cannula